Hello and Welcome to the Fritz at 50 Weblog,

The Chester Fritz Library has been a center of research, study, and
teaching on the campus of the University of North Dakota for 50 years.
This blog is dedicated to documenting the remarkable history of UND
libraries, the current building, its staff, and the community during
this time.

The blog and related digital content is being developed by students in
a Digital and Public History Practicum conducted within the Department
of History at UND and supported by the Working Group in Digital and
New Media. The students range from advanced undergraduate history
majors to Ph.D. student, and they have not only produced the digital
content presented here on this site, but also developed the strategy
to organize, disseminate, and curate the materials presented on this
site.  It was a remarkable collaborative effort by the students and I
hope that the results of their hard work will attract a wide audience.
Be sure to follow the Fritz at 50 Twitter feed (@fritzat50) and check
out the growing digital exhibit at http://fritzat50.omeka.net/ or get
all the latest news and updates from our main page

Over the next three months, the history of the Chester Fritz Library
will unfold on this blog. The students will coax the artifacts,
images, and documents to narrate the story of this remarkable
building, its equally remarkable benefactor – Chester Fritz – and it
dedicated staff.

Enjoy and be sure to leave comments!


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