Working at the Fritz: A play on a great song and library

We received the following email and song lyrics, which were too cool to pass up.

Dearest Bill Caraher,

Word on campus has it that you are the man to talk to about having
entries posted to the “Chester Fritz at 50” blog. CFL means quite a
lot to me, as I have both worked and studied there, not only as a
student, but also as a budding library information professional.

I had composed the following stanzas (sung to that great old Fred
Astaire jazzy black cane and top-hat tap-dancing hit “Puttin’ on the
Ritz” a few years back when I was working at CFL as a Government
Document Copy Cataloger. Yesterday evening, I had emailed them to
Wilbur Stolt who has been cursing my name ever since as I got this
tenacious little tune stuck in his head all morning. It is my dearest
wish to bequeath upon you these lyrics in honor of Chester Fritz
Library’s 50 birthday bash. Attached is a word file with the original
lyrics and the new (parodied) version. It should be noted that I have
not received any copyright permissions from any authoritative persons
to re-print said original lyrics. I just thought it would be a gas.

A very happy birthday to you, Chester Fritz Library.

Kalan Davis
Serials Associate

Thanks Kalan for your contribution. I provided a video of Fred Astaire dancing to the original “Puttin’ on the Ritz” as a frame of reference.

Working at the Fritz

Have you seen the library?
The one on University.
On that famous thoroughfare
Piles of books in the air!

Ideas grow into research kernels
Spine labels and magazine journals
Crowds of patrons all the time
We answer questions on a dime

Now, if you’re blue
Have more inquiries than you knew?
Why don’t you go where librarians sit?
Working at the Fritz.

In circ, there is a dude named Stanley
Downstairs, a binding guy named Randy
(how Super Dandy)
Workin at the Fritz

Acquisitions, and Bibliographic Control,
Aren’t in the public eye at all
But they are (in truth) the library’s heart & soul
Let’s get our fix, Working at the Fritz

Come lets mix where Bygdeboker inflicts
American-Norwegian heritage sticks
Let’s all get our kicks
Working at the Fritz

Patrons study, but it makes them happy
Ace on the test, makes another library groupie
How very snappy.
Working at the Fritz

You’ll declare its simply show stopping
Talking in whispers, but how very alluring
Can you resist?
Working at the Fritz.


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